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Leftist Democrats are attempting to destroy America in their effort to take power by encouraging anarchists to disrupt our economy and way of life. Earlier this year, we were sequestered in our homes. Businesses all over our country were forced to shut down. Many businesses have shut down permanently. Horrible riots led by anarchists are looting businesses and burning down our cities. Democrat politicians at all levels are encouraging this activity. They’re trampling over our constitutional rights. People are being […]... Read More

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If you’re a patriot, there are a number of channels on YouTube that provide the conservative viewpoint and provide information that you’re not going to hear on liberal media outlets. Here is a list of those channels. They’re worth having a view or, better... Read More
President Trump continues to drain the Washington, D.C. swamp. His removal of the agitators in the federal bureaucracy is angering the Democrats to no end. They’re losing power. The swamp includes those remaining members of the Obama administration who are out to get Trump.... Read More

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