What’s Going On?

Leftist Democrats are attempting to destroy America in their effort to take power by encouraging anarchists to disrupt our economy and way of life.

Earlier this year, we were sequestered in our homes. Businesses all over our country were forced to shut down. Many businesses have shut down permanently. Horrible riots led by anarchists are looting businesses and burning down our cities. Democrat politicians at all levels are encouraging this activity. They’re trampling over our constitutional rights. People are being arrested for non-compliance of unconstitutional laws. They’re defunding the police.

Opposing viewpoints are being met with threats to burn down homes and kill entire families. Local prosecutors are arresting law abiding citizens when defending their property.

Anyone who dissents against the ideals of these leftist, communist, socialist viewpoints are met by the labeling those dissenters as racists. According to them, there is no discussion.

Our nation is divided. Our constitutional rights are being violated and stripped under the guise of “health guidelines”.

Republican politicians give us talk and no action. The leftist media is characterizing this destructive behavior as “peaceful protests”. They’re encouraging this behavior.

Democrats want power and will do anything to get it. Hence, chaos.

This website is committed to calling all patriots into action. We need to call out these anarchists, looters, arsonists, history changers and politicians promoting the destruction of our country. We want to defend our institutions and traditions.

We don’t want to be a socialist society. We can’t let these anarchists take over. We can’t allow weak politicians to sit back, collect their salaries and to do nothing. The rules don’t apply to them.

Social media outlets like FaceBook, Twitter and Google are controlling the discussion. They’re banning opposing viewpoints on their platforms.

This website can’t be controlled by them.


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